RPGaDay 17

Day 17: What fictional character would best fit in your group? Why?

This is a tough question. I’ve revisited, considered, and skipped it can come back to it several times. Ultimately I don’t think I have a great answer. I almost went with Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek TNG. He seemed a good choice, no appreciable ego, a desire to get along with the group to fit in and to learn about gaming and the social interactions involved. But then I realized the downfall: He’d be a rules laywer! He wouldn’t mean to be but the DM would make a call and he’d be like “That’s not what the rulebook says. Page 213, paragraph 4 states a Player Character must do xyz…” Worse, he likely wouldn’t respond well to a DM’s “This is the call I’m making to move the story along.” He wouldn’t get all bellicose or anything, but he’d be perplexed and want to discuss it to the end of time and the game would come to a screeching halt.

So I noodled it some more, mostly still in the Sci-Fi genre (as it’s one of my favorites) and I decided that Wash from Firefly would probably be the one to best fit in with my group. Funny, irreverent and, like most of my players, he’d probably be more interested in character development and the story than killing monsters and getting loot. I have the feeling everyone in my regular Tuesday group would agree with this choice too.


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