Entry 1: The Gathering

On the World of Goric it was the 15th of the Swan, 1159 M.R. (Modern Reckoning) mid spring, when seven young random strangers going about their lives experienced a bright flash of light. -Froderik Penderghast - Male Human Wizard. Leaving school early (some might say too early) because he felt there was nothing left to … Continue reading Entry 1: The Gathering


Liveplays Entry 0: The Setting

Liveplays Entry 0: The Setting I’m looking to start some intermittent “liveplay” entries for my regular game to get some activity on this site and share some of the enjoyment of running D&D (well...technically Pathfinder) settings. My group has been playing Pathfinder under in the campaign world of my friend Tim (and you can follow … Continue reading Liveplays Entry 0: The Setting